The knowledge, experience and commitment of our technical teams, always available for you and your machine

  • 6 workshop leaders at your service
  • 48 technicians trained annually on the latest developments
  • 43 workshop vehicles to respond quickly
  • 3 semi-trailers with crane, 2 flatbed trucks with crane and 1 flatbed van to deliver your equipment as quickly as possible, wherever you are.

Our technicians are able to quickly diagnose the equipment. The BALLANGER group invests in training every year to benefit from a high level of excellence. All our technicians are trained in the latest developments at the CLAAS Academy training centres. Thus, we are always more efficient, regardless of the type of machine encountered.


Each year, an average of ¼ of sales is devoted to training our technical and commercial teams.

Specialties of our workshops

  • Mechanical tractors
  • Combine harvester mechanics
  • Air conditioning
  • Aluminum welding
  • Sheet metal work
  • Electronics
  • PC Diagnostics
  • Motors
  • Spray
  • Irrigation
  • Getting started with new materials, tips for setting up